Dr. Andrew De Meyer
Mission Boulevard Dental Group
Call: (858) 483-6851


I am so happy that I found Dr Kyle Gernhofer since moving to Pacific Beach a year ago. I am 65 and have a rare cancer that requires daily chemo which I have been on for the past 5 years. One drawback to taking the chemo is that it is detrimental to my teeth. Dr Gernhofer has been the best dentist I have found in an attempt to keep my teeth as long as I can. He has been a real miracle worker. I have spent significant time at the clinic and have observed several things including the skill that not only the dentists posess, but the entire staff at the clinic. Children seem to receive very special care and I know that Dr Gernhofer has had numerous years tending to children's dental needs. As a former Marine, Vietnam vet....this is how I see it.

Frank L

Great office (right across the street from the beach), great staff, and Dr. Demeyer is amazing! Another doctor who really cares about you and takes the time to answer any questions. I always get really nervous when i have to go to the doctor or dentist and he really knows how to calm me down. He is very patient and does a great job. I have been seeing him for about 8 years now and I would highly reccomend him.

Lauren W

Came in looking like Mike Tyson and Dr Demeyer fixed me right up! OK, really: These people are great, very professional and always ready to please. Audrey has hands of silk when it comes to teeth cleaning, no pain, no white knuckles while in the chair, she's great. Demeyer and Gernhofer aren't so bad either!

Bill H

Was referred to Dr. Gernhofer through a friend and I have to say that I have never had a better dental experience. He understood my fear of dentists and reassurred me that I was in good hands. He was 100% honest about what needed to be done and never once tried to upsell me or make me feel uncomfortable. I had a cavity filled and felt virtually no pain in the process! Dr. Gernhofer is very thourough and very personable. He showed me eveything that was going on and walked me through various options as well as educated me on some preventative measure that I could take.

You can tell that Dr. Gernhofer truly loves what he does and goes the extra mile to make sure his patients needs are met.

I am someone who is terrified of dentists, never trusted a dentist and has unfortunatley had the pleasure of having alot of dental work done in my lifetime. Now I can say that I have finally found a great dentist that I can trust. Thanks Dr. Gernhofer!

Heather H

I have been a dental assistant for 22years. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. DeMeyer in the past and I can assure you that you will recieve the best quality of dentistry in a confortable environment.

Madelon M

Great office! I have been going here since I had teeth to clean so at least 15 years maybe more , when do you start going to the dentist? Anyways I am 21 now and have not ever been to a different dental office. Sadly, Dr. Henderson retired this past year but his replacement Dr. Gernhoffer is just fabulous! He is very friendly and truly seems to care about his patients and their well being. Always takes the time to go over everything and makes sure the patient is comfortable. Also, Aubree is a great hygienist! Overall great dental office with awesome staff!

Ashleigh A

Just can't say enough about the kindness and care I recieved from the staff.
Through I have had tons of dental work over the years, I deal with what only be called a "chronic" fear of having dental work done.
Dr. Gernhofer and his assistant Kelly put me at ease. The best dental experience I have ever had.

Bo W

Have been so pleased with Dr. Kyle Gernhofer who is my dentist. Not only is he handsome but also a great dentist! He is painless, caring, kind, innovative and wants to please his patients in every possible way. I feel I am in very good hands when I visit him for treatments. Many dentists are very expensive and and therefore many procedures are put off because of this factor, and I believe Dr. Kyle G. is most understanding of this fact. I intend to refer all my friends and family to him.

Marianne E

Great care is taken to make sure you are treated as they would want to be treated themselves. I have been going to Andrew for five years and everytime I need something done he advises me on at least a couple of options. He never tries to upsell me on a treatment for $, and always lets me make the final decision. He is busy, but makes you feel like you are the only patient he has while you are being treated.

Jeff H

I have been going to Mission Boulevard Dental Group for over 40 years. Dr. Gernhofer is the latest addition and i am so impressed by his bedside manner, kindness, understanding, expertise and follow up. Dr. Gernhofer worked with us under financially difficult times and also went out of his way to make us feel welcome, comfortable and well served. He understands that being a dentist is not about skill but also about customer satisfaction

Marcie F

When I first moved to San Diego, I started going to this group on a recommendation from my family, who have all been going here for years. I've been seen by all the dentists over the course of the 4 years I've been going, and all are fantastic! The hygienists too are excellent! Every time I go, there's no wait, quick in-and-out visits where I know I'm getting the best dental treatments with no upselling.

They can fit you in for emergency visits with no problem. I chipped my tooth on my beach cruiser; they got me in and filled it. Even fit me in a 2nd time when the tooth felt funny and need a smidge more filing.

Now I'm sad to say that I have to switch dentists. They don't accept my new insurance. Totally bummed. Felt inclined to leave a positive review for all their great years of service.

Trish R